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Nov 17, 2020

Lucitrip Lucitrip

Nov 17, 2020

Where to go: One day trip to Nakornpathom in Thailand

It was Friday and I planed with a friend to go for "one day trip" on my weekend.

The condition of this trip should be:

1. The place is not too far from Bangkok

2. We must be able to relax and chill.

After searching from Google, we found The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din in Nakornpathom touch our mood. This place is only 2 to 3 hours driving car from Bangkok.

Today, We start from Bangkok by 7 pm by driving a car and reach Baan Sa La Din (first destination) by 9.45 pm. There is a small street market in front of Baan Sa LA Din, here, P' Pen teach us how to cook "DRY RICK".

The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din

The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din: Preparing the cooked rice before drying

The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din: Drying rice

The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din: Hart drying rice

The Salaya and Baan Sa La Din:DRY RICE

Street market in front of Baan Sa La Din with many umbrellas

The highlight of Baan Sa La Din is to "take long tail boat" traveling to Na Bua (latus farm), Gac Farm(Baby Jackfruit farm), and Orcid farm

on long tail boat

take boat__________There is a Jam Cafe serving foods, coffees and drinks in Na Bua (latus farm)_________take boat

reach Na Bua (latus farm) Jam Cafe

Jam Café

Jam Cafe's counter

View of lotus farm match to my concept: " eat, drink, relax and chill"

one coffee in Jam Café in Lotus farm

take boat______________Reach Gac fruit farm___________________take boat


looking for seats in Gac farm

waiting for Gac fruit juice before going to Orchid farm

take boat____________________________Reach Orchid farm___________________________take boat

walk way in Orchid Fram

views during take long tail boat

take boat______________back to Baan Sa La Din___________________ END

We spend about 3 hours traveling with long tail boat. I impress with service of local people. They are very friendly and they are willing to discuss about secret of planting lotus, gac, and orchid and give suggestion "where to go" in Nakornpathom.

Lunch time, we go to The Salaya .

We choose The Salaya in our trip because many of my friends give recommendation.

and Yes...........

The Salaya does not dissatisfy me.

The Salaya is a community mall where we can find drinks, foods, shows, gifts, workshops, café, bar, hotel, meeting room, party, event, wedding suit, fashion and lifestyle . Especially for food, There are many kinds of foods in many shops, serve customer day and night

Phaya Nak Ring Gate in The Salaya

We join the show "Cave show" after lunch in The Salaya.

Hanuman and Suwan Macha in The Salaya in Nakhorn pathom

Hanuman talk to me by using Thai dance

Really friendly Thai dance actors and actresses in The Salaya

Experience method to make Ramayana mask

Workshop in The Zone in The Salaya

We spend about 3 hours in this amazing community (The Salaya).

Next destination is Air Orchids supermarket, far from The Salaya half hour by driving car.

Air Orchids supermarket has various types of orchid and good price.

Air orchids suppermaket's counter

Air Orchid showing method to take care orchids from zero to hero

Lab of Air Orchids suppermarket

Not only selling orchid but also Betta fish

don't know where to go because many choices to choose

Finally, I get some orchids back home

We have a chance to take photo with owner of Air Orchids Suppermarket in Nakhonpathom.

---------------------------------- one day trip ---------------------------------------