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Nov 12, 2020

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Nov 12, 2020

Phu Ruea National Park and Phu Kradueng National Park in Loei!!

Things to do in Loei!!

For those who travel to Loei Province in winter, you may surely think of Chiang Khan, a chic market on the Mekong Riverside with a lot of tourists going there each year.

However, if you want to experience the cold weather, see the sunrise and sleep in a tent, the place that definitely comes across your mind must be Phu Ruea National Park and Phu Kradueng National Park.

Phu Ruea National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Ruea National Park!!

Phu Ruea National Park covers the area of Phu Ruea District and Thali District in Loei Province. The reason why it is called Phu Ruea is because there is overhanging rock on the cliff that resembles the shape of a sail boat with the plain on top of the mountain comparable to the ship’s hull..

The top of Phu Ruea is 1,365 meters above the Mean Sea Level. Tourists like to travel to Phu Ruea National Park in winter to experience the cold weather, make tents and do various activities within the park.

Each year, a great number of tourists travel to Phu Ruea National Park. It is another place that attracts massive tourists.

The most important spot of Phu Ruea is Phu Ruea Peak. You must walk up the mountain from Lon Noi Cliff for about 700 meters. The top is a view point for panoramic scenery. You can see the Thai-Lao border from the peak of Phu Ruea.

Moreover, the park has many tourist attractions such as Hin Tao, the turtle-like stone caused by natural stone corrosion. The Turtle-like Stone is about 1 kilometer away from the second checkpoint of the park.

In addition, its peak enshrines Nawa Banphot Buddha image invited from Ayutthaya. It is a highly-revered and respectable Buddha image of the Phu Ruea locals and toursists who travel to Phu Ruea Peak.

In summer, tourists like to come up to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset which are clearly visible at that point.

There are also hiking trails through the area filled with small flowers that bloom in winter and Lan Hin Phan Khan Mak which is a cracked-stone ground with shallow fractures where you can find flowers that grow from within.

Furthermore, there are many tourist attractions for you to visit and enjoy the cold weather on the top of Phu Ruea.

If you would like to travel to experience the cold weather in winter and still have no clue about where to go, Phu Ruea National Park in Loei Province. Within the park’s area, there is a tourist information center, accommodations, restautants and parking space services.

To travel to Phu Ruea National Park, it is about 48 kilometers from Loei Province.

Open Daily : 05.00 - 20.00

Entrance Fees :

For Foreigners - 100 Thai Baht for children and 200 Thai Baht for adults

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Phu Kradueng National Park!!

Phu Kradueng national park is a very popular natural tourist attraction in Thailand thanks to the richness of its biodiversity and geographical variety, including svannas, coniferous forest, evergreen forests, waterfalls and viewpoints from the cliff. It is located in Tambon Si Than, covering an area of 217,576 rai.

The park is open from 08.00 - 16.00. But it will be closed to revive the condition of the forest during June 01 to September 30 of every year.

It is a popular natural attraction of Thailand due to its abundance of natural resources, comprising various types of ecological systems and geography such as savanna, pine forest, evergreen forest, maple forest, beautiful species of flowers. Waterfalls and viewpoints on the cliff.

The distinguished characteristic of this national park is that it is a sandstone mountain with a wide plain summit, whose shape is similar to a leaf of the Elephant ear or a heart, with a height of 400- 1,200 meters above sea level.

Phu Kradueng is a great destination for hiking. The trails are clear and signposted well. There are number of viewpoints in various directions to watch sunrise and sunset, the one most far away at 9 km distance from the visitor center.

Attractions of Phu Kradueng such as Maple forest, Wang Kwang Waterfall, Tham Yai Waterfall, Than Sawan Waterfall, Phon Phob Waterfall, Phen Phob Waterfall, Nok Aan Cliff, Lom Sak Cliff, Mak Duk Cliff, Na Noi Cliff and Daeng Viewpoint.

Interesting attractions in the park are as follows : The route to Phu Kradueng is quite steep but there are rest spots called “Sam”, meaning an area where there is an emergence of the underground water.

Before travelling to Phu Kradueng, tourists should pass a medical check-up because they have to walk and climb up the mountains for a distance of 9 kilometers(walking uphill for 5 kilometers and another 3-4 kilometers on a flat path).

Open Daily : 08.00 - 14.00(October 01 to May 31 of every year).

But it will be closed to revive the condition of the forest during June 01 to September 30 of every year.

Entrance Fees :

For Foreigners - 100 Thai Baht for children and 200 Thai Baht for adults

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