Fern Pannara

Aug 14, 2020

Fern Pannara

Aug 14, 2020

Hat Yai to Penang

Hi everyone, today I will share my experience about taking the train from Hat Yai, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia.

First day, I arrived at Hat Yai airport at 3.00 pm. So today I must stay in Hat Yai for 1 night. You can grab a taxi or mini bus to center of the city.

I read reviews before here, they recommend you must try street food at Nai Roo restaurant. Spring Rolls is the menu that should not be missed.

Second day, First train from Hat Yai to Penang is 7.30 am. So we must arrive at Train station around 7.00 am and ticket price is 50 bath.

1 hour later, we arrived at Padang Besar train station and checked our passports. After that we changed the train to Butterworth, The ticket is 11.4 RM. 

Malaysia time is faster than Thailand 1 hr. So don’t forget to change your wristwatch. 

When you arrive at Butterworth, you must get on the ferry to Penang, ticket price is 1.40 RM. only 30 minutes you will be there.

Penang has been influenced by European culture since the Colonial era so the architecture of Penang is Sino-Portuguese. I’m sightseeing street art in George Town and looking something to eat “LakSa” and “Lok Lok” are local food that you must try.

Don’t miss visiting Penang Hill, So I woke up early morning and grab a taxi there before sunrise. You can see panorama views, take beautiful photos and enjoy the great air there.

Are you hungry ? I will recommend dim sum restaurant “Tai Tong” located in George Town. There is a famous local restaurant that you must try. By the way, there are a lot of customers you may have to wait a while.

Finally, I want to leave this quote for you all before say goodbye

         “Life is short and the world is wide”

Good luck. ????