Fern Pannara

Aug 14, 2020

Fern Pannara

Aug 14, 2020

Doi Monchong - Chiang Mai

I ask myself why was I born ? to die ? but today I know 1 reason for living. 

“I was born for journey”

My best friend calls me when I feel blue and alone.

Want to join Mon Chong with me  ? ”

I answer “Sure” even though I’m not healthy anymore.

Mon Chong is located in Omkoi district in Chiang Mai Province. It takes about 4-5 hours from downtown Chiang Mai. There is one of the popular hiking trails in Chiangmai.

On Monday morning in December 2019

We started our trip at 4 am. We use 1.30 hr. From Chiangmai to Omkoi district and then we are looking for meat , vegetables and instant noodles for our meal at Monchong.

We arrived at Omkoi district at 9.30 am. and changed from a van to four wheel drive because we're driving on an unmarked dirt road.

We arrived at the starting line at 11.00 am.

We relax for a while and start hiking at around 11.30 am. 

The walking route is not hard but I recommend bringing big bottled water because we will lose a lot of sweat.

On the way, we meet traveler who walking back and they said 

Keep going! you will arrive” I think they’re cute , this is Thai. Although we don't know each other.

We arrived at the campground at 1 pm. And looking for the best location for our tent. Mon Chong doesn’t have a toilet, only a latrine so if possible “ Don’t want to take a shit ” After that, we prepare for dinner. We must find dry twigs for bonfires. We made noodles for our dinner.

When we finished preparing everything, we went to the landmark of Mon Chong. It’s a big field, I feel the softness of the grass and feel a nice breeze. If you come, you will see a beautiful view for sure.

We took a photo and amble for a while. After that, we looked for a seat to watch the sunset. I saw the sky was orange and intersect with a large field.