Fern Pannara

Jul 22, 2020

Fern Pannara

Jul 22, 2020

Beijing - China

Hello everyone, today I will share about traveling in Beijing, China last year (2019). In fact, I can't speak Chinese but I will recommend some tips “how to survive in China” without knowing how to speak Chinese.

Before starting a new journey in China you should download the application “Metro China Subway” to check subway routh. By the way, you can’t use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google in China but I recommend you buy travel sims from your country to use them. 

I go there in October from Chiangmai international airport, which takes about 4.30 hours to Beijing. The weather is around 8-10 celsius. I booked a hotel near Beijing Zoo subway station. Transportation in Beijing is rather nice and cheap. 

First day, I went to Tiananmen Square, which is a symbol of China History. Tiananmen is the biggest square in the world. The ticket is free entrance but you must show your passport.

After that I wandered around town to see Chinese lifestyle and try local food. I saw different cultural examples after lunch, elderly people like to play cards in the park but if you play in Thailand you will catched for sure.

Second day, I woke up early morning and went to Bei Gong Men subway station to visit Summer Palace. I spent just 4 Yuan from my hotel to Bei Gong Men. I recommend you go early because after 9 am. You will be shocked with a lot of tourists .

In the evening, I went to wangfujing street. Wangfujing contains many restaurants and stalls where you can buy shopping and take some souvenirs. I recommend you try Peking Duck and strawberry sugar coating.

Next day, I visited Beijing Zoo near my hotel because today is cool. I saw rare Chinese animals, such as Giant Panda, Red Panda, Golden Monkey.

Last day I visited Beijing National Stadium or Bird’s nest where used to compete in the Olympics game in 2008.

In conclusion, I think transportation in Beijing is very good and cheap, you can go everywhere with Subway. People in Beijing speak English well but it will be better if you practice some easy words such as How much , Can you give me a discount. The last one, you can use Google Maps if you have travel sims.